gazduire server minecraft

Your own Minecraft server hosted in Romania.

It’s easy to launch and configure your community’s Minecraft server, which comes with many benefits, including:


The Pterodactyl game panel

The safest, most modern, and powerful open-source game server administration panel.

panou gazduire minecraft

Made by gamers, for gamers

We considered our needs when deciding to offer you Minecraft servers, which include

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Dedicated IP address

Each server has it's own dedicated IP address with port 25565

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Unlimited processing power

Yes, really, you have unlimited processing power for your server

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Wide range of mods

From Vanilla to Spigot to Forge, we have a collection of the most popular Minecraft mods.

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SFTP Access

You can access all your server files directly from the web control panel.

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DDoS safe

We filter malicious traffic at the router level using Suricata filters updated weekly. We haven't detected any attacks that have affected us.

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Romanian internet

Take advantage of one of the best internet in the world for your game server

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Free database

Every server comes with a free MySQL database for various plugins that may require one.

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Discord support

Do you need anything more for your gaming server? Chat with us on Discord and we can make it possible!