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Superior performance thanks to

NGINX web server

Discover the performance of an Nginx web server! Astonishing speed and maximum efficiency in handling web traffic. With its remarkable ability to manage thousands of simultaneous connections, Nginx redefines standards for fast page loading. Ideal for high-traffic websites, Nginx offers exceptional performance with low resource consumption.

server web ngix
protocolul http2

HTTP/2 by default

Launched in 2015, the well-deserved upgrade to the old HTTP/1.1 protocol used since 1997 is adopted by only approximately 35% of today’s websites (live statistical source). Providing a significantly superior loading speed through data transfer in binary format, multiplexing, and header compression gives you a substantial advantage in SEO.

PageSpeed module

Developed by Google, the PageSpeed module is included and preconfigured in the Nginx server. Activate it with a click in the CloudPanel dashboard and enjoy server-level optimization for your website speed.

modul pagespeed
varnishcache logo

Varnish Cache server

The most popular caching server automatically creates static versions of the most accessed pages to avoid overloading the web server. Activate it with a single click from the administration panel.

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