A single hosting package for a single website, without performance compromises.

We have crafted a single, highly optimized web hosting package at a minimal cost and without imposed limitations. This package is ideal for any presentation website, WordPress blog, or budding online store. We have not set any IOPS/IO limits, ensuring that your website remains extremely fast for visitors.

We recommend that you set the following nameservers before purchasing the service:


Free automatic SSL certificate

Secure your website with a free SSL certificate provided by Let's Encrypt, installed and configured automatically upon order completion.

Unlimited hosting

We don't want to sell you additional resources that your website might never need. We haven't imposed any performance limits on the package, and the pricing is extremely straightforward: €3/month or €30/year.

Enterprise SSD

The website files are stored on highly fast Samsung enterprise SSDs through the SAS SSD interface in a RAID 5 data protection system.